Newsletter | December 2022

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As the end of 2022 approaches, we are excited to announce the continued expansion of our team and grateful for the opportunities that we've had to connect with many of you throughout the year.

As always, if you or your clients have transactions that require an immediate or alternative investor, we are ready with substantial capital and flexible, transparent structuring alternatives. We provide details below on select recent transactions and links to our investment parameters and inquiry form.


Meet the Team

Grace Hammarskjold

We are excited to introduce you to our newest colleague, Grace Hammarskjold. Grace recently joined the Atalaya Leasing team as an Investment Analyst. Prior to joining Atalaya, Grace studied history, government, and economics at Dartmouth College. Grace currently resides in New York City. We asked Grace a few questions to get to know her better:

What attracted you to Atalaya Leasing and the equipment leasing business? 

In particular, what I find interesting about leasing at Atalaya is the broad range of companies and industries that our team gets to look at. Prior to learning about Atalaya, I was of the misconception that virtually all equipment financing was used for bulky collateral such as trucks and bulldozers, rather than a more diversified set of opportunities. Even in my two months on the job so far, I feel that I have gotten to look at a range of companies from consumer to heavy machinery sectors.

What are you most looking forward to about joining Atalaya Leasing? 

What I am most looking forward to about Atalaya Leasing is the range of opportunities within the firm and the chance to work with other teams. Coming from undergrad, this was something that really stood out to me about Atalaya. Within my team and across the firm, everyone is willing to lend a hand to others to ensure we can reach a deep understanding of every transaction we look at or create new opportunities within existing relationships.

Favorite Hobbies?

I am an avid skier; I grew up in California and spent a lot of my winters on a competitive ski team up in Tahoe. While I was an active skier in college, a goal of mine this winter is to continue exploring East Coast mountains or to plan a trip out West for a weekend.

Favorite food?

My favorite food in the world is ice cream, and I actually make it myself in the summer. Some of my favorite flavors include chocolate peanut butter cup and sweet cream with granola and honey. Still having lots of places to explore in New York City, I try to go out for ice cream once a week with my roommates. My favorite place so far is Caffe Panna in Grammercy, which makes a delicious chocolate and Oreo flavor.

Utilizing Leasing to Complement Primary Credit Facilities

Many companies that use cash or corporate revolvers to finance equipment purchases can benefit from an equipment finance / leasing product.

  • Equipment leases can be added to a company’s current capital structure without expensive refinancing or amendments to existing debt.
  • Since equipment loans or leases are secured by the equipment, there is no need for additional collateral.

Learn more about the benefits of equipment leasing by reading the full article on our website. 

~$4 million

B2B Inventory and Logistics Services Provider Secures Financing for Manufacturing Equipment and Data Center Upgrades
~$6 million

Pharmacy Operator Secures Financing to Automate Packaging and Labeling
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