[UPDATE: October 4, 2022]

Why Equipment Leasing?

Many companies that use cash or corporate revolvers to finance equipment purchases can benefit from an equipment finance / leasing product.

  • Equipment leases can be added to a company’s current capital structure without expensive refinancing or amendments to existing debt.
  • Since equipment loans or leases are secured by the equipment, there is no need
    for additional collateral.

Benefits of Equipment Leasing

Greater Access to Capital

  • Equipment leases can provide borrowers with additional access to capital and incremental leverage without costly amendments or having to upsize primary credit facilities.

Efficient Process with Speed and Certainty

  • A shorter documentation process for lease agreements can result in significant legal cost savings.
  • Lease agreements can be less onerous than traditional credit agreements.
  • Additional equipment can be quickly funded under new schedules tied to an existing Master Lease Agreement.

Flexibility in Financing the Equipment Lifecycle

  • A company can match an asset’s useful life more closely to the term of financing by utilizing an equipment loan or lease structure.
  • Lease structures provide optionality to purchase, return, or renew equipment at
    end of term.

Capital Structure Optimization

  • Utilizing equipment leases preserves revolving credit facility availability and reduces risk of triggering liquidity or other covenants tied to revolver draws.
  • Lease structures often provide advance rates as high as 100% of the equipment invoice cost.
  • Funding capital investments using fixed rate financings, such as leases, allow for easier capital planning than utilizing floating rate credit facilities.

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