[UPDATE: May 27, 2022]

Why Equipment Leasing?

Atalaya Leasing provides flexible equipment lease and debt financing structures to public and private companies for growth and replacement capital expenditures (CapEx), or liquidity via monetization of existing assets. We invest in opportunities across various industries and equipment types. Banks or financing subsidiaries of equipment manufacturers generally finance leases for high quality “A credits” leaving sponsor backed firms with fewer options.

Product Overview

Atalaya Leasing provides standalone financing for equipment/assets to middle market
and large corporate sponsor-backed borrowers.

Investment Size
We provide financing from $3 million to $100 million and will consider larger transactions.

Equipment Types
We have experience with most equipment types and software financing, and we finance new and used equipment.

Geographic/Industry Scope
Atalaya Leasing is industry agnostic with international financing abilities.

Various structures are available, including operating and capital leases, sale-leasebacks, equipment term loans, and more.

Benefits of Leasing

  • Potential return on equity enhancement
  • Increased borrowing capacity and access to capital
  • Standalone financing without disruption to existing capital structure
  • Highly attractive advances rates (as high as 100% of equipment cost)
  • Flexibility in structuring and optionality in equipment utilization
  • Improve or replenish balance sheet liquidity

Efficient CapEx Financing

CapEx financing strategies are often overlooked by private equity sponsors and senior management. Efficient utilization of capex financing can optimize the capital structure improving cost of capital, and ultimately sponsor returns.

Atalaya Advantage

As a non-bank, institutional credit investor, Atalaya understands the needs of sponsors to drive and create value for portfolio companies.

  • Dedicated team supported by the institutional infrastructure of a $7.5 billion private credit investment platform
  • Quick and efficient underwriting process and certainty of execution
  • Institutional capital allows significant funding capacity

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